SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD

                                                                                (SOCIETATIS VERBI DIVINI)

Fr. P. Sagayaraj (P.P. Cor)

​Fr. R. Antonysamy (H.M & Asst. P.P.)

Fr. Joy Joseph (Asst. P.P. & Proc)


St. Arnold's High School


Hyderabad, T.S. 502032

Tel: 08455-280093 (R), 280382 (S).

Care Takers 

  1. ​​​​Mrs. Showrilu B.A, B.Ed SGT
  2. Mrs. Bhanu Kiran B.Sc, B.Ed SGT
  3. Mrs. Sai Eshwari B.Com, B.Ed SGT
  4. Mrs. Rupa B.Sc, B.Ed SGT
  5. Mrs. Sangeetha B.A, B.Ed SGT
  6. Mrs. Sridevi M.A, B.Ed SGT
  7. Mrs. Bhavani B.Com, B.Ed SGT
  8. Mrs. Devi B.Com., B.Ed SGT
  9. Mrs. Mamatha B.Com.B.Ed SGT
  10. Mrs.P. VenkataRamana B.A, T.P.T T.P
  11. Mrs. SudhaKumari M.A, H.P.T H.P
  12. Mrs. Krishnaveni B.Com H.P.T H.P
  13. Mrs. K.Suguna M.A, H.P.T H.P
  14. Mrs. Usha Rani U.G.D P.E.T
  15. Mrs. Padmaja Bcom J.A
  16. Mr. Joseph Raj J. A
  17. Leena BSc.,B,Ed
  18. Sireesha M.Com.,B,Ed. SGT
  19. Swetha M.A. BSc, BEd. SGT
  20. Gayathri M. Com., P.G.D.C.A.SGT
  21. Naga Sudha M.C.A.., BEd.SGT
  22. Nalini M.Sc., BEd., SGT
  23. Kamakshi  B.Com, M.A. B.Ed SGT
  24. Samuel M.F.A DM
  25. Sailaja Kumari.  M.A., B.Ed.


High School Staff

1. Mr. Thirupathaiah
2. Mr. Suvarna Raju

3. Mrs. Lakshmi
4. Mrs. Lalitha
5. Mrs. Nagamani
6. Mrs. Nirmala
7. Mrs. Vanaja
8. Mrs. Mary

1. Mrs. P. Shiji

2. Mrs. Grace Nathalian
3. Mrs. Maria Fathima
4. Mrs. Radhika
5. Mrs. Judy Rodrigues
6. Mrs.K. Geetha Devi


St. Arnold’s At a glance

The motto of our school is

  1. Mrs. N.Sunanda B.Sc, B.Ed S.A
  2. Mrs. Annie George M.A, B.Ed S.A
  3. Mrs. Saramma B.A, B.Ed S.A
  4. Mrs. A Rama Devi M.Sc, B.Ed S.A
  5. Mrs. Ashrafunnisa B.Sc, B.Ed S.A
  6. Mrs. Naseemunnisa B.Sc, B.Ed S.A
  7. Mr. B.S.R.Murthy M.A, T.P.T S.T.P
  8. Mrs. Vidya Singh M.A, B.Ed H.P
  9. Mrs. Narmada B.Sc, B.Ed SGT
  10. Mrs. Bindu. P.Nair B.Sc, B.Ed SGT
  11. Mrs. Shailaja B.Sc, B.Ed SGT
  12. Mrs. Vasanthi M.A, B.Ed SGT
  13. Mrs. Anuja M.A, B.Ed SGT
  14. Mrs. Roopa M.Com, B.Ed SGT
  15. Mrs. Ruth Neeraja M.Com, B.Ed SGT
  16. Mrs. Nirmala B.A, T.P.T T.P
  17. Miss. Manasa B.A, B.Ed T.P
  18. Mr.D. Vijaya Rao T.T.C, BFA D.M
  19. Mr. Rajpaul C.P. Ed P.E.T
  20. Mrs. Ravanamma DCME C.T
  21. Mrs. SugunaSaraswathi Clerk, B.Com J.A
  22. ​Mrs. Jaya Albert B.A 

St. Arnold’s High School, Ramachandrapuram is run by the Divine Word Missionaries(SVD priests and brothers), and is managed by Divine Word Educational Society, Habsiguda, Hyderabad-7

St. Arnold’s High School was started by Fr. Joseph Puthumana SVD, in 1976 and the first batch of students passed out their SSC Examinations in the Year 1986. The school has been achieving good results with distinction year after year. The success of the school is mainly due to the commitment and dedication of the well qualified staff, who take their job more as their vocation rather than as a profession. May God bless them and reward them for their labour and endurance. English Language lab is established to improve the language skills. Every opportunity is provided to the students to make use of these novel facilities in the school. Two well equipped computer labs are there to keep pace with technology.

School is the temple of learning and St. Arnold’s has become a brand name in and around Ramachandrapuram for the past 40 years. Students are taught to be the winners in their lives by the management and the dedicated staff. In common examinations we are getting the top results in the district and even in the state. We are able to achieve this success only by the trust of the parents, the hard work of students, teachers and the management.

St. Arnolds High School, strives to give a complete formation to all the students. It combines study with training in Arts, Sports, Computers, Cultural and Social activities leading to the total development of the person.

We believe that education necessarily includes a spiritual dimension. All the students are offered a couple of classes in Value Education in order to build their character. Personal Counselling is given by experts to build up confidence in students to face the future.

We intend to foster a good report between parents, teachers and the pupils for the overall growth of the pupils in an atmosphere of mutual trust and openness.

The parents of the students constitute an integral part of St. Arnold’s community. Others, who play a vital role in the education of the student community, are the school management, teachers and the students themselves. It is proposed to have regular meetings involving all these vital elements to discuss problems relating to education. Parents are welcomed to meet the class teacher and the Principal with an appointment

Kindergarten Staff

Primary School Staff