SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD

                                                                                (SOCIETATIS VERBI DIVINI)


  • To provide holistic medical care and support for the HIV infected people
  • To treat the opportunistic infections
  • To extend HIV OP services
  • To extend palliative care and support to those who are terminally ill
  • To impart psychological, spiritual and moral support through counselling
  • To create awareness on HIV/AIDS and means of protection
  • To admonish and teach methods of prevention to stop further spread of the disease
  • To provide balanced diet and nutritional support (Nursing Care)
  • To educate and rehabilitate their children
  • To prepare them for a peaceful and respectable death
  • To Prevent HIV transmitted from the infected parent to the child

Reaching out to the common public through awareness campaigns on the ill effects of HIV/AIDS, highlighting its modes of transmission, urging them to adopt every method of prevention and thus creating a collective force in combating the disease by rendering a comprehensive care and support to the infected poor, ensuring their dignity and overall quality of life, prioritizing palliative care for those who are terminally ill.


Fr. Felix Roche (Sup. & Dir of JSC)

Fr. Alwin Mascarenhas SVD (Director )

Frt. Xavier Selva Kumar (EIP)
HIV/AIDS Care & Support Centre
Pregnapur Post, Gajwel Mandal
Medak District – 502 311
Telangana, INDIA
Phone: 08454-232433
Cell: 09490217253
E-mail: ashajyothi2006@gmail.com




Asha Jyothi is a well-planned HIV/AIDS care and support centre, adequately ventilated with natural fresh air, beautifully constructed and well equipped with 20 bedded inpatient facilities that caters to the optimum welfare and treatment of the people living with HIV/AIDS.   Asha Jyothi a Ministry of Divine Word Missionaries has become the house hold name and the talk of the town in the entire Medak district of Andhra Pradesh.  It remains as the leading NGO of the district; perhaps the only award winning institution in the district for its meritorious services in the field of HIV/AIDS.   The district collector has appreciated its services several times in public functions like Independence Day or Republic Day and has suitably rewarded Asha Jyothi with a citation certificate of appreciation.  Today Asha Jyothi stands out as a ‘Good Samaritan’ imbibing greater confidence with rays of hope in the minds of the suffering, filling the hearts of the people with happiness, through the dedicated In-Patient health care and Out-Patient services besides implementing several innovative project-activities, by linking communities and formal health care services for the people living with HIV/AIDS. Vision: Creating awareness on HIV/AIDS and to provide quality health care to the sick, that is comprehensive and holistic with a preferential option for the poor infected and affected. Mission: