Major Milestones:

  • Retreats: Retreats are conducted for various groups in English and Telugu in the second and fourth weeks respectively. Around 500 people benefit from the retreats every month. The retreats help them awaken, satisfy their spiritual hunger and experience the Lord.
  • Special Retreats: Special Retreats are Couples Retreats, Youth Retreat, Children’s Retreat, Teachers Retreat, Religious Retreat (For Priest and Religious Sisters), and Tamil Retreats.
  • Sunday Service: Sunday Service, initially organised for around 20 parishioners in 1995, started growing by leaps and bounds. The Word of God proved to be a strong means to heal people who were looking for a revival in their Christian life. Now the Holy Eucharist and Healing Service are attended by around 10,000 faithful every Sunday. This has forced DWC to build a church big enough to accommodate more than 12, 000 people at the same time.
  • Divine Word Families: DWC has felt the need for people who are ready to support the Centre with their time. They are willing to proclaim the Good News through spiritual and social works of DWC. Divine Word Families facilitates the preaching of the Good News to poverty stricken villagers, educate rag-pickers’ children, and provide care for the aged and the sick by way of contributing whatever they can to DWC.
  • Divine Word Prayer Partners: In 2002, hundreds of volunteers called the “Divine Word Prayer Partners” gathered for the first time to be trained in intercession ministry. They would gather once a month for intercession by fasting to support the team during the convention and centre’s missions. More than 2000 people would gather on every first Friday of the month.
  • Divine Word Ambassadors: People would come from all over the country who are trained to spread the good news of Jesus. Distribute literature, living as a witness for Christ, Convince and conduct, organize retreats and conventions in villages, cities and towns also in other countries to bring people towards the Kingdom of GOD.
  • Divine Word Counsellors: Trained and experienced men and women of God who listen, pray, console and help live a better life. They share the love of God and help faithful come out of problems and clutches of the devil. On Sundays and during the Retreats the broken hearted receive counselling through the Divine Word Counsellors who leads them to God.
  • Divine Word Young Apostles: Around 70 young people called the Divine Word Young Apostles are involved in the Centre’s mission in reaching out to schools, colleges, prisons, old age homes, and other needy and changing lives of all sections of people.
  • Divine Word Volunteers: There are around 30 lay men and women who have dedicated themselves for a full time commitment for building the kingdom of God by staying in the Retreat Centre and taking care of all the works.
  • Intercessory Cell- Constantly people are interceding for the Mercy of God on the whole world in the 24hrs adoration chapel.
  • Media Works: (a) ‘Divine Word’ the Monthly magazines in English and local language Telugu, ‘Divyavakku’ monthly magazine for the people of Andhra Pradesh and ‘Sangamam’ (Spiritual awakening hymns and bhajans), and English Audio were produced apart from other books and cassettes for spiritual growth; (b) TV Program- Every Thursday 6:00am to 6:30am word of God in Telugu is being telecasted on MAA TV; (c ) Word of God through CD- Spiritual Talks in both the languages English and Telugu is available in CD; and (d) Word of God through Cell phones Everyday- Around 1000 people receive the message of God over the cell phone every day.
  • Outreach Programme - The team from the Divine Word Centre goes all over India and abroad to preach the Word of God and impart the healing touch of the Lord Jesus to thousands.
  • Divine Mercy Centre- Full day adoration of the Holy Eucharist, every Saturday full day convention in the Divine Mercy Centre the branch of the Divine Word Centre in the City – Habsiguda, Hyderabad.
  • Social Programmes and Projects: (a) Divine home for rag pickers- 60 children are residing and they are given training for regular school and formal education; (b) ‘Divine Healing Touch’ clinic for the poor of the village and the sick in the surrounding village; (c) Divine Tailoring Coaching Centre for the adolescent girls and widows of the village to help them have a future of hope and prosperity; and (d) Medical Camp free medical check along with the medical aid is provided for the poor people twice in a year.
  • ​Website:  http://dwcmuthangi.org

Origin and Purpose:
Divine Word Centre was started in 1995 by Rev Fr Christuraj and Rev Jerry Sequeira from Society of the Divine Word (SVD) at St Mary’s Church, a small parish in Muthangi, Medak District, Telangana State with a vision to see and serve God in the human face.


​​Divine Word Centre is the Spiritual Power House of the State of Andhra Pradesh! The late His Grace S Arulappa, the Archbishop of Hyderabad made this powerful statement before the State was bifurcated into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Whether it is Telangana or Andhra Pradesh, Divine Word Centre remains the Spiritual Power House of the entire nation!


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