• To read and reflect the Word of God and lead an exemplary life.
  • To conduct bible quiz to all categories of people.
  • To be available to people and provide all spiritual help to people.
  • To organize prayer meetings and bible conventions.
  • To organize various spiritual programs to adults and children.
  • To organize interfaith meetings and dialogue.
  • To reach out to people through printed media. 



Being rooted in the Word of God and Jesus Mission, we sustain the faith and knowledge of the Word of God among the faithful and reach out to the people of other faiths. We try to provide various means to grow in love towards the Word of God and teaching of the Church. We reach out to people of other faiths in dialogue to respect each other and to live in harmony.  

Mass Timings
Sunday :  9.00 am.
Tuesday: Devotion to St. Antony,  5.45 pm
Friday : Adoration and Holy Mass,    5.45 pm

 Good Shepherd Church, Yeshwanthapur
 Sunday :   7.00 am
Our Lady of Lourd Church, Kundaram
 Monday :  7.30 am
St. Antony’s Church, Nidigonda West
Tuesday:  7.30 am
St. Joseph’s Church, Nidigonda East.
Wednesday: 7.30 am
St. Paul the Hermit Church, Reddipuram
Saturday:  7.30 am
Udumala Arogyamatha Convent, Hospital
Monday to Saturday       6.30 am

St. Paul

Parish Priest: 
Fr. Bala Prasad. M  SVD
Sts. Peter & Paul Church,
Janagaon, Warangal Dist. T. S. - 506 167

Tel : 08716 - 220 292


‘To sustain, deepen and promote the teachings of Jesus amongst the faithful and other faiths’


                                                                  SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD

                                                                                (SOCIETATIS VERBI DIVINI)


The Society of the Divine Word accepted the invitation of the Bishop of Warangal and on June 29th 1983, on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul entered the territory with Fr. S. Rego as the pioneer. He took up the residence in Janagaon town which had 12 villages under its jurisdiction. In course of time, Cherial, Kadavendi and Madhapuram were made separate parishes, where Cherial parish is taken over by Holy spirit fathers and Kadanvendi and Madhapuram parishes are under divine word society.

The missionaries in the initial stages had foreseen that the Catholic population in the township would increase gradually. In view of this a church was built in Janagaon town in the year 1992. There were just three Catholic families in Janagaon town when the church was built, while the Catholic population in the villages was moderate enough. At present Janagaon town has 120 families and has 5 sub stations, namely, Yeshwanthapur, Nidigonda West, Nidigonda East, Reddipuram and Kundaram. The Catholics of this parish are all traditional Catholics who migrated from Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh.

Our main apostolate in this mission is to sustain the faith of the people and also to reach out to the people of other faiths. Our presence in this diocese is also to attract vocations for the society. We also promote popular devotions, like devotion to St. Antony, devotion to Mother Mary, devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary and to Blessed Sacrament.

St. Peter