SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD

                                                                                (SOCIETATIS VERBI DIVINI)


The Society of the Divine Word was founded by St. Arnold Janssen on September 8, 1875 in Steyl, a small village in Holland, just across the German border.  In India, the Divine Word Missionaries arrived in Indore, Madhya Pradesh in 1932 and in 1948 the SVDs made their presence in Bandra, Mumbai as part of Indore Province. On 28th march 1963, SVD South India province (INS) was established. Later it was divided into two provinces.  On 2nd April 2002 was established India Hyderabad Province – INH.   we are 98 missionaries working in this province. There are more than 730 Indian SVDs and around 225 are working in foreign missions.

The ultimate purpose of our mission today is the same as it has been since the time of our founder, “to proclaim the Kingdom of God’s love” as the common destiny of all humanity and the horizon toward which we travel. It is from the internal loving dialogue of the triune God that this mission emerges, a dialogue of love and forgiveness with all humanity. We do not invent our own mission – it is Missio Dei – we are called by the Father, sent by the Word and led by the Spirit.     


        We give witness to the Kingdom in a world deeply divided by belief, social class, culture and religion. And so we reach out to others in prophetic dialogue, seeking to bridge the divisions that keep us separated from one another and from God. Our mission in prophetic dialogue is at the service of communion and it points to the final manifestation of the Reign of God.

      We understand dialogue as an attitude of solidarity, respect, and love that is to permeate all of our activities. In solidarity we reach out to others to share our lives with them in their concrete situation. In respect we reverence the uniqueness and the dignity of each person and of every human community. Above all, love binds us together in spite of our failings.

      In prophetic dialogue we especially commit ourselves to people who are faith-seekers, who are poor and marginalized, who are of different cultures and who are of different religions and ideologies.


5. Guntur Diocese

  • Holy Family Church, Addanki
  • St. Joseph’s School, Addanki
  • Nithya Sahaya Matha Church, Medarametla
  • St. Arnold’s H. School (E/M), Medarametla
  • St. Joseph’s Boys Hostel, Medarametla
  • St. Joseph’s Church, Sankavarapadu
  • Jyothi Niketan, Narasaraopet​
  • Holy Spirit Church, Kakatiyanagar, Narasaraopet


 9.   Palayamkottai Diocese

  • St. Theresa of Child Jesus Church, Shencottah
  • Nirmala Gardens, Shencottah

 10. Sivagangai Diocese

  • Annai Velankanni Church, Singampunary
  • St. Arnold's Social Service Centre, Singampunary

11. Thanjavur Diocese

  • Punitha Periyanayagi Annai Alayan, Manalmedu

12. Salem Diocese

  • Iraiyarasu Retreat House​​

3.   Warangal Diocese

  • Sts. Peter & Paul Church, Janagaon
  • Holy Family Church, Kadavendi
  • St. John de Britto H. School, Kadavendi
  • St. Arnold’s Boys Hostel, kadavendi
  • Arogya Matha Church, Madhapuram
  • St. Claire’s H. School, Ramagundam

​                        TELANGANA
1. Hyderabad Arch Diocese

  • Provincialate, Arnold Bhavan, Habsiguda
  • Arnold Communications, Habsiguda
  • ​Sanskurti (IDCR), Habisguda 
  • Brother Formation House, Alwal
  • SVD House, Begumpet
  • Divine Mercy Centre, Habsiguda
  • Our Lady of Rosary Church, Miyapur
  • St. Alphonsa’s Church, BHEL
  • St. Ann’s H. School, BHEL
  • Jyothi Vidyalaya H. School, BHEL
  • St. John’s Church, Ramachandrapuram
  • St. Arnold’s H. School, Ramachandrapuram
  • St. Joseph’s Church, Patancheru
  • St. Joseph’s H. School, Patancheru
  • Divine Word Centre, Muthangi
  • Our Lady of Mercy Church, Sangareddy
  • St. Arnold’s School, Sangareddy
  • St. Antony Leprosy Health Centre, Jogipet
  • St. Arnold Nivas, Nizampet
  • Arnold Bala Vikas Ashram, Nizampet
  • St. Thomas Church, Sadashivpet
  • St. Mary’s PSM H. School, Sadashivpet
  • Our  Lady  of  Perpetual  Help  Church,​ Yeddumailararm
  • Arogya Matha Church, Zaheerabad
  • St. Mary’s H. School, Zaheerabad
  • Asha Jyothi (HIV- AIDS Centre), Pregnapur
  • Jeevodaya Centre, Pregnapur
  • St. Arnold’s H. School, Toopran​​​.

​​2.   Nalgonda Diocese 

  • Guru Nilayam, Bhongir
  • Vidya Jyothi H. School, Raigir​
  • Janssen Home (Hostel), Raigir


 6. Chingleput Diocese

  • Divine Word Centre, St. Thomas Mount, chennai 
  • St. Francis Xavier’s Church, Madha Nagar, chennai

 7.   Trichy diocese

  • St. Charles’ Seminary, Ponmalaipatty, Trichy 
  • St. Arnold’s Mat. School, Ponmalaipatty, Trichy​
  • Our Lady of Good Health Church, Kottapattu. Trichy
  • St. Aronld's Social Service Centre, Malaiyadivaram, Trichy

 8.   Madurai Arch Diocese

  • Arockia Annai Shrine, Vadipatti
  • Divine Word Centre, Vadipatti
  • SVD Oli Illam, Oothu .

4.   Khammam Diocese

  • St. Joseph Freinademetz’s Church, Edulla Bayyaram
  • Janssen Social Centre, Edulla Bayyaram